Strengthening our Stockholm office at Inventure


As part of our commitment to backing the best early-stage founders in the Nordics and Baltics, we’re proud to announce we’ve strengthened our Stockholm office with two new team members.

Welcome Rebecka Löthman Rydå and Adrian Arnsvik Bjurefalk!

We’re continuing to grow our presence after a long history in Sweden. Inventure was founded in 2005, opening its Stockholm office headed by Linus Dahg about a decade later. Soon, a little less than half of our investment team will be based in Stockholm, supporting the 17 investments we’ve already made in Sweden, as well as making new investments across the Nordics and Baltics

And that comes back to why we hired these two. At Inventure, our mission is to support founders with a special focus on talent and expansion. Adrian and Rebecka are huge x-factors to push us forward on these fronts. Here’s why: 

Rebecka Löthman Rydå

Investment Director, Stockholm

We’ve gotten to know Rebecka over many years and have been super impressed with how she sets a great energy level and brings true value to the companies she works with. Rebecka joins us after nearly three years at Industrifonden
where she worked with companies like Occtoo, TrusTrace and Funnel. She also adds strong investment experience from Zenith Group where she was part of setting-up the fund that had investments into for example Truecaller, Zound Industries and Giosg. Key to her value-add she brings operational experience from Varenne, where she was CFO as well as interim CEO.

At Industrifonden, Rebecka has worked on the board of 9 portfolio companies, including our shared investment in Hopsworks. At Hopsworks she’s helped with several recruitments to go-to-market team as well as to the board. We see in her someone that every entrepreneur wants on their board. 

But more than board work, Rebecka brings a strong perspective when looking into new companies. She goes in deep into new industries to learn the angles and speak to key people to build strong conviction. With Rebecka, we look forward to a fresh research perspective into industries like web3, while leveraging her experience in data, AI, and B2B SaaS. 

Pitch Rebecka about what you’re working on:



Adrian Arnsvik Bjurefalk

Investment Associate, Stockholm

Adrian joins us after almost three and a half years at talent investor Antler, joining the organization at 15 employees, and leaving last month when the organization had grown closer to 180. Adrian helped open Antler’s Stockholm office before working on expansion and global operations in New York City, Nairobi, Amsterdam, Berlin, and then Oslo. At Inventure, he’ll focus mostly on the Nordics, with an emphasis on the booming Swedish and Norwegian startup scenes. 

In Adrian, we can see a special ability to recognize potential to add value to the team-side of the organization, be it through helping finding new hires or bouncing ideas around culture building. This is a great asset to everyone he hops on a call with – especially with our founders as they expand internationally.

Moreover, what drew us to Adrian is that he’s a deep thinker. He captures the essentials and can communicate it clearly, which is key to be a good sounding board to entrepreneurs, as well as to building conviction at a fast-moving VC firm.

Get in touch with Adrian ASAP!


Linus Dahg