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Introducing Inventure Sales Academy

The Nordics need great salespeople

The Nordics are building great B2B products faster than we’re developing sales talent.

With  70+ startups in our portfolio, our goal is to develop the high-quality junior salespeople that will become sales leaders.

All we want from you? To excel at selling.

This is a free program. The only trick that we’re pulling is that we want high quality people to get hired in the companies we’ve invested in.

What’s in it for you? You’ll learn from some of the best sales organizations in the world, get in front of top startups’ recruiting teams, and get key knowledge, interview skills, and something great to put on your CV.

“Our Sales Academy accelerates your growth by getting you closer to employers and ultimately, speeding up your career as a sales leader.”

Andrea Di Pietrantonio, Portfolio Operations at Inventure

The program

The program is fully online, starting January 10, 2022

During the first week, you will participate in a series of workshops with our partner Oracle NetSuite – one of the world’s top B2B sales machines. During these sessions, you will receive an overview of what it means to be a Sales/Business Development Representative and the skills it takes to nail the role. 

At the end of the first week you will receive a practical assignment with a one-week deadline. Participants who successfully complete the assignment will be eligible for the graduation certificate and will be ranked with the companies participating in the program to select the candidates to interview. 

During the second week you will attend different sessions led by startups in the Inventure Portfolio.  Here you’ll learn how Sales, Product, and Marketing interact in different organizations, as well as different sales philosophies. This also gives you insight into different organizations and sales culture (while you also get face time with hiring sales leaders) 

Finally, in the third section, you will participate in an interview training workshop held by our in-house talent expert. You will have the opportunity to go through the hacks and techniques of a sales interview processes and prepare with mock-interview in break-out rooms.

How are you evaluated? 

Successful candidates will interview with one or more of the companies recruiting. Each startup will decide independently who to interview based on a few different factors:

  • CV and application of the candidate
  • Essay assignment: the first assignment in week one will be a short essay like assignment to assess analytical and argumentative skills of the candidates
  • Presentation assignment: the second assignment in week one will be a sales presentation. Candidates will be split in breakout rooms and will present and cross evaluate each other. Recordings of the presentation will be available to recruiters.
  • In class participation: candidates will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss during the startup’s sessions

What you’ll get from completing the program

Success in this program is being hired in one of the startups participating. The program is designed to give you role and company breakdown as well as strengthening your interview skills to maximize the chances of success.

Independent of the outcome, you will receive a graduation certificate and, if you wish so, your profile will be kept in our talent pool for future positions in one of our portfolio companies


The full program will run about 6 hours a week over 3 weeks. The exact timing will be updated soon, but here is our current agenda →

Week 1: Workshops

10.01.2022, 17-19:00 EET
Intro to the world of BDR by our partners from Oracle Netsuite

    • Introduction to the role of BDR
    • Prospecting
    • 3-Box Model (SOT)
    • Messaging Matrix
    • Building out an email messaging
    • Assignment 1: 500 word essay on a given company

13.01.2022, 17-19:00 EET
Closing the prospects by our partners from Oracle Netsuite

    • Creating credibility
    • Conversation structure
    • Objection handling
    • Qualifying need and quantifying impact of not changing
    • Assignment 2: presentation on a given topic

Week 2: Sales cultures

17.01.2022, 17:30-19:00 EET
Meet the startup: Omocom

    • Intro to the company and product
    • Who are they selling to and how
    • What does it mean to be a BDR in Omocom

19.01.2022, 17-19:00 EET
Assignment 2: presentations in the break out rooms

21.01.2022, 16-17:30 EET
Meet the startup: Howspace

    • Intro to the company and product
    • Who are they selling to and how
    • What does it mean to be a BDR in Howspace

Week 3: Get the job

24.01.2022, 17:30-19:00 EET
Meet the startup: Stealth Black

    • Intro to the company and product
    • Who are they selling to and how
    • What does it mean to be a BDR in Stealth Black

26.01.2022, 17:30-19:00
Interview training workshop:

    • How to build your CV and cover letter
    • Succeeding in an interview: tips & tricks
    • Interview training: break-out rooms with peers and recruitment mentors

Let’s make big things happen.

Applications currently closed

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Is this a part time or full time program?

The program runs part time during the month of January 202. The sessions will begin at 5pm CET.

What is the total time commitment expected?

The total commitment, including the home assignments, is estimated at 20 hours. The program is designed to equip participants with the fundamentals to execute the job and the skills to interview as they apply.

Are there minimum requirements to apply?

No, you could be just graduating or interested in switching to a sales job from another profession. What we care about is commitment, drive and willingness to learn. The applications will be screened based on what type of person we believe would succeed in the program and in the job.

Do I get a guaranteed job offer?

No. Each company participating in the program commits to interview at least 5 participants. The job offer depends on the success of your interview.

Which locations are you recruiting for?

This is our first pilot program and will only focus on Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands. The companies recruiting are looking to fill positions in those geos.

Can I pick which company to interview for?

Yes, you will be able to indicate your preference but each company will decide who to interview independently based on your profile, in class participation and your assignments.

Is there any cost associated with this?

No. You will not be asked any payment at any point of the program. This is a free program.

Who are the people behind this?

Andrea Di Pietrantonio has put the program together with the Inventure team. Inventure is a seed and early stage VC fund who invested in the companies participating as recruiters. We want our companies to have access to the best talent, hence, we work to mold the best talent for them.

Speakers are professionals from Oracle Netsuite, participating startups, and the Inventure team.