Tuomas Kosonen

An entrepreneur, CFO of Angry Birds maker Rovio, in venture with HederaDx, Howspace, Solsten, and more. A multi-faceted and fast-paced family man.

+358 50 400 2110

Tuomas has +15 years of experience in venture capital, joining the Inventure team soon after its start in 2007. Tuomas’ expertise is as wide as it is diverse, previously working as an entrepreneur, an attorney with two master’s in Law and Economics, as the in-house legal counsel for Nokia, and was the CFO of Angry Birds maker Rovio. The list of companies he’s worked with at Inventure is also diverse, spanning from: Blueprint Genetics, Hedera, Howspace, Scoro, Nordigen, Solsten, Whatagraph, and more.

Tuomas has a deep understanding of building and scaling a business. He’s a big-picture thinker who’s determined and driven to win and is always available for his portfolio companies. If he’s not at the office, you’ll likely find him spending time with his family, in the Alps or in the south, on a bicycle or on skis – just as multifaceted and fast-paced as at work.

In venture with:
Blueprint Genetics (exited to Quest Diagnotstics)
Nordigen (exited to GoCardless)