Timo Tirkkonen

A sports and technology enthusiast coaching deep tech companies like AIMotive, Logical Clocks, and Abzu. Founded his first investment firm already in the 90s.

+358 40 575 1553

Timo founded his first investment firm already in the 90s, before teaming up with Sami to found Inventure in 2005. Originally a Physics major and a true technology enthusiast, Timo works with the more R&D- and science-focused portfolio companies. As one of the most experienced investors and board members in the Nordic venture capital industry, Timo currently works on the boards of Detectify, AIMotive, Logical Clocks, Abzu, and Comptek.

Timo’s background in sports – a golf enthusiast, diehard IFK fan, a handball coach, captain, and player on a national level – helps describe Timo: the ultimate team player and coach, who gives his all to make others shine and win, while not making a big number about himself. Entrepreneurs describe Timo as always representing the company, ‘thinking in deep tech’, and bringing onboard invaluable experience to guide and govern a startup. Others describe him as a ‘no bullshitting’ coach or a therapist who talks in stories and analogies and who you can always give a call – as long as you know that ‘a quick 5-minute call’ rarely exists with Timo.

In venture with

AImotive – bringing automated driving to all

Detectify – a website vulnerability scanner and a network of ethical hackers

Abzu – building the next generation of transparent and trustworthy AI