Ryan Savage

A seasoned talent executive and consultant at Wolt, Swappie, Yousician, and more. An extroverted Californian by day, an introverted Finn-to-be by night.


Ryan has almost 20 years of experience in HR and recruiting from the US and the Nordics. In the US, Ryan worked for giants like JP Morgan Chase and IPG Mediabrands, and since his tenure in the Nordics focused exclusively on technology startups. As Wolt’s first Head of Talent, he led the talent expansion into Nordics and Baltics and built out the initial HR and recruiting foundations. In addition to Wolt, Ryan has served as a talent executive and consultant to scaleups like Swappie, Yousician, and Compensate.

Ryan is already regarded as one of the most accomplished talent executives in the Nordic startup ecosystem, thanks to his high emotional intelligence as well as almost two decades of experience. Ryan’s journey from Southern California to the Nordics has been full of twists and turns: from acting classes in LA to dreams of being a pilot and studies to become a diplomat, heading Talent in Nordics was never plan A – or even B or K, for that matter. He tries hard to enjoy the Finnish climate and padel, yet mostly ends up watching Real Housewives and longing for his native California. An extroverted Californian by day, an introverted Finn-to-be by night, we expect to witness Ryan turning more and more Finnish each day, whether he likes to admit it or not.