Linus Dahg

Almost a decade in venture capital having worked closely with companies like Wolt and Insurello. Strong-opinioned life of the party and loyal Arsenal fan.

+46 76 600 9560

Linus has been in venture capital for almost a decade: first at Almi Invest in Stockholm, then Wellington Partners in London, and now heading Inventure’s operations in Sweden. Linus has international experience from having lived and worked in countries like China, Australia, and the UK as well as operational expertise from startups. Most recently from Copenhagen-based Tonsser, where he headed everything from growth to partnerships to product. At Inventure, Linus has worked closely with Wolt, Stravito, Insurello, Omocom, Platypus, and Leetify.

When first getting to know Linus, you might get annoyed by his strong opinions. Until you’re even more annoyed by him actually getting it right most of the time. What also describes Linus, is the fact that every single person mentions things like ‘a fun guy’, or ‘life of the party’. So whether you’re sitting next to him at a meeting or at the bar, we guarantee that he’ll tell you exactly what he thinks and that you’ll have a good time more often than not. As long as you don’t bring up Arsenal’s  poor performance the last decade or his mother-in-law beating him to a hole in one, that is.

In venture with

Wolt – making it incredibly easy to discover and get what you want

Insurello – rebalancing the power between customers and insurance companies

Stravito – a consumer insight management platform for the world’s leading brands