Lauri Kokkila

Already a notable investor at under 30 with a focus on marketplaces, proptech and AI. Currently on an operational secondment from Inventure at Material Exchange.


With over five years of experience in venture capital, Lauri has already made himself a notable Nordic investor under the age of 30. Lauri has served on the boards of Swappie, Umbra (acquired by Amazon), Nordigen, Material Exchange and Stealth Black, and he focuses on B2B and B2C marketplaces, proptech and AI solutions at Inventure. Currently, Lauri is on an operational secondment from Inventure, heading Growth and Expansion at Material Exchange. Lauri holds a Master’s in Information Networks from Aalto University.

Lauri believes that profitable and sustainable growth businesses are one of the most efficient ways to make a world of difference and he draws his relentless drive from enabling others to build the companies they’ve dreamt of. If there’s one word to describe what Lauri is like as a colleague or a friend, it’s definitely ‘trustworthy’. When you have Lauri on your side, you can trust him to always deliver what’s promised and never miss a deadline. Or if there’s a work or personal issue stressing you out at night, you can trust Lauri to be the one who picks up the phone.

In venture with

Swappie – making refurbished smartphones mainstream

Material Exchange – digitally transforming the supply chains of fashion

Umbra – redefining rapid visualization and real-time 3D rendering solutions