Kevin Lösch

Competitive sport enthusiast and podcast nerd dedicated to back the best entrepreneurs in the Nordic Bay


Portfolio Companies:

Jump starting into Nordic tech scene, Kevin joined Inventure in summer 2021. He is currently involved in Anyday, Yeply, anotherblock, and Medoma and actively building our talent pool of experienced and high caliber founders.

Kevin focuses on fintech, healthtech, marketplaces and consumer-facing tech. Prior joining Inventure he spent couple of years as an investment banker at Macquarie Capital, where he was part of various multi-billion M&A transactions. He also founded his own D2C brand, which he bootstrapped until last year where he faced several challenges needed to overcome. Therefore, he combines the best of both worlds with the right operational mindset.

Coming from a high-paced environment, Kevin loves founders who take on the complex problems by their roots with full dedication to the end-user in mind. This will define purely disruptive and category winning companies!

Outside of work, Kevin loves sport and is passionate about food. He plans on opening up his own restaurant one day.