Daniela Bensky

Endless empathy and caring for the ones around her as well as human beings in general. Heads Employee Experience and makes Inventure go around.

+358 5O 486 9911

With a degree in International Relations and Psychology from Washington DC and Geneva and having worked previously for companies like Nokia and Microsoft, Daniela is the one who makes Inventure go around. She heads Employee Experience while also being in charge of many key Inventure projects and events.

When you meet Dani, it won’t take long for you to understand why she’s called “Sunshine” around the Maria 01 campus. Or why she might refer to herself as “an earth girl”. She might start a sentence in Finnish, loan a proverb from English and end with a French or Swedish word that just fits better. All the while discussing anything from working efficiently to emotional intelligence to the diversity of nature. If Dani hadn’t ended up at Inventure, she would probably be a psychologist, which also describes her well – extremely caring and empathetic towards the people around her, and endlessly interested in human beings and their behavior in general.