Camille Zivré

Looking for outstanding founders out of Stockholm. A HEC Paris and CEMS double graduate immensely curious about everything from crypto to the future of societies.


Camille is part of Inventure’s investment team, based in our Stockholm office, and spends most of her time looking for outstanding founders. She joined the team in early 2020, straight from a coding school she had started in San Francisco after working in the French late-stage VC fund Korelya. Camille graduated from HEC Paris business school, with a masters in BA and a CEMS double degree. She spent several years across Asia, North America and the Nordics to get work experience in different environments, ranging from operations in startups to M&A and consulting in big firms.

Cami is immensely curious, enthusiastic and empathetic, and that is why she found her spot in the world of venture – and why she thrives in it. Meeting new people, listening to their vision, and learning from them by sparring on very diverse topics is what fuels Cami with energy.  It’s then no wonder why whatever the topic, be it crypto, ballet or cryogenics, Cami always surprises us with research she’s done on the matter,  a personal experience she’s had in the field, or (at least) two connections running a business somewhat related to the topic!