Aapo Rainamo

Strategy major turned marketer interested in everything from storytelling to value theory. Painfully aware of his beard-growth deficiencies.


Aapo works on Marketing, Communications, and Insights at Inventure, helping spread the word about Inventure and its portfolio companies, as well as some concrete startup content. With a background in digital marketing and studies in strategy, engineering as well as brand marketing, Aapo combines high-level strategic and creative thinking with meticulous hands-on execution. Before Inventure, Aapo has worked at the adtech company Smartly.io and headed marketing in startups as well as nonprofits, most recently as the Chief Marketing Officer of Slush.

If Aapo wouldn’t have ended up in business, he could’ve ended up with his own therapist practice or work as a psychology researcher. Which makes sense, as others describe him as having an aura of safety or that of a professor. Underneath the reserved, calm surface, lays endless positivity, compassion, and curiosity. Hence the best way to get to know Aapo is probably not at the packed community event, but at a 1on1 lunch, where you end up going terribly over-time and discussing all of the interesting things that definitely weren’t on the agenda. Especially if you bring up topics like positive psychology, the concept of value or why he still keeps on trying to grow a beard.