Stockeld Dreamery

Reinventing the foods we love

Stockeld Dreamery, founded in 2019 as Noquo Foods, was created to reinvent the vegan foods using today’s technologies and science, to make them tastier, more nutritious and more sustainable. Started by Anja Leissner and Sorosh Tavakoli, together with a background in food science, media and entrepreneurship, the duo are set on a path to reinvent old school cheese-making technology based on animal milk. Having found than plant-based alternatives aren’t as tasty, and that sales are below 1% of the total cheese market, they decided to go all in and start Stockeld Dreamery.

Stockeld Dreamery is on a mission to reimagine and reinvent the foods we love to be good for us while fitting within our planetary boundaries and our ethical compass. They are currently in the lab developing their first products in the cheese category.