On-demand insurance for the circular economy

Omocom is on a mission to keep products in use. The company was founded with a sole purpose, to create incentives to keep existing resources in use. 45% of today’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions come from the productions of the products we consume. If we are going have a chance to save the climate, it’s not going to be enough just to fly less, or put solar panels on our house, we have to consume less – or differently.

We want our insurance solutions to make more people gain the necessary trust to share existing resources with each other and to dare to buy second-hand items that often actually work just as well as new ones. Omocom is as much about insurance as it is about creating incentives and enabling a more circular economy.

Omocom was founded by Lowden, Emanuel Badehi Kullander and Tobias Mård in 2017. Working with researchers at Swedish universities, they developed algorithms that calculate real-time risk assessments digital platforms.