Making food safer through X-ray inspection systems

Mekitec provides food manufacturers with compact, easy-to-use, X-ray inspection systems that provide excellent performance and the best value in the industry. A full focus on X-ray quality control solutions combined with global presence makes them a unique player in the industry.

The founders of Mekitec utilized their X-ray inspection background to develop a new solution making it possible for food manufacturers to inspect their products with the high-end technology on each production line. They developed the MEKI concept in close co-operation with food manufacturers from various industries and countries to break the barriers that made it difficult for them to completely upgrade their quality control systems from limited metal detection technology to X-ray. The first MEKI system installations took place in 2011 and this eventually, combined with a born-global attitude, has brought Mekitec to a worldwide reach with a presence in four continents and over 40 countries.

Mekitec was founded in 2005 by Mika Niemi and Mikko Nuutinen, who also founded Detection Technology Oyj, a designer, manufacturer and provider of X-ray detectors.