A digital facilitation platform bringing everyone and everything together

Howspace is an AI-powered digital collaboration tool that brings social learning to the forefront of process and development initiatives. The product is based on 20 years of change management consulting experience. It helps you to quickly and efficiently tailor processes and content to individual clients, and engage large organizations through seamless one-click participation on any device. Howspace is already trusted to drive engagement and impact in hundreds of organizations across the world, like the United Nations.

Howspace believes in a dialogue-driven and collaborative way of working, where change happens conversation by conversation. Howspace’s purpose is to change how people are connected in organizations and other networks and to make work-life more meaningful, bringing everyone and everything together.

The company’s roots extend back to its founding under the Humap name in 1999 by Olli-Pekka Juoperi, Ilkka Mäkitalo, and Vesa Purokuru, from where Howspace was founded as a spin-off in 2008.