About us

We’ve been around the block, but we don’t talk a big game or grand founding stories. Neither will we call ourselves ‘future-backers’ or our portfolio ‘dent-makers’ or any of the likes.

We’re proud of our past, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’d rather focus on the future and how we can serve our founders best through our investors and our expansion team. We believe in making our mark through supporting Nordic entrepreneurship big time – by being the first-choice partner in venture to companies combining hyper-growth, playing fair, and being built to last.

Honesty and trust are the cornerstones of our business and our long-lasting relationships, and we continue pushing for more transparent and responsible ways of working with all of our stakeholders. We take compliance seriously and promote transparency in the industry by following guidelines and sharing our best practices with others.

ESG and Responsible Investing

Read more of Inventure’s policies on the integration of sustainability risks in this policy here.

ESG Reports

Code of Conduct

Download and read our Code of Conduct here to understand how Inventure addresses anti-harassment and anti-discrimination.

Compliance Information Sheet

Download and read our Compliance Information Sheet

Privacy policy

Read more about our privacy policy here. 

Inventure Funds are supported by the European Union. Fund I and II are supported through the “Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme” (CIP), and Fund III by EIF and the EIB with the backing of the “European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)”.

Inventure is a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) and follows the Association’s guidelines to promote transparency in venture capital and private equity


In addition to any violations to Inventure Code of Conduct (see above), you may also report any other problems or violations you face when working with us or within your own company. Please contact any one of the team members or use this anonymous and confidential form to report of e.g. bribery, corruption, money laundering, discrimination or harassment.